Myelotracker [Alexa488]

Myelotracker [Alexa488]

Myelotracker [Alexa488], Ref. MT004.

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Myelotracker is currently in development at the Institut Pasteur / Inserm

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Myelotracker [Alexa488] is a synthetic conjugated peptide supplied at a 1 mg/mL concentration. Sample purifity has been validated by HPLC. It is recommended to store aliquots at -20°C upon reception.

Myelotracker [Alexa488] should be used only on fixed samples. For labeling living cells or intravital imaging, Myelotracker+ conjugated markers are recommended.

Flow cytometry or fluorescent imaging. It is recommended to label cells or tissues at a 1 microg/mL final concentration in PBS with permeabilizer (0.1% saponin or Triton) for myeloid cell intracellular/extracellular staining or without permeabilizer for labelling cell degranulation components.

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